KAABOO - Visual Artists Not to be Missed


KAABOO's three day extravaganza is set to showcase one of the biggest and most diverse music lineups ever created. From Steve Aoki to Jimmy Buffett, from the Chainsmokers to Hall and Oates to Ludacris, visitors will have zero trouble finding any and all music vibes to satisfy their musical desires. However, as huge as KAABOO’s music story is, it’s only one course of the sensory feast visitors are served. In addition to some of the biggest names in every music genre, KAABOO is also serving up some of the biggest names in street art, fine art, and prestigious gallery space, and all specially curated for the festival’s
larger-than-life vibe.  

In addition to the galleries presenting various works and the over 20 artists exhibiting, there are some 19 artists scheduled to be working live over the duration of the 3 day festival. And while I’m excited to see all of them, the 5 below are on my shortest list of must see’s:

Askew One - Askew One is bringing his unique blend of traditional graffiti, etherial fine art portraiture, and brash - almost deafening color palettes to the live walls at KAABOO. With skills honed on a world stage and an art passport featuring stamps from New Zealand, Singapore, the US, and all over Europe, he is now bringing all of those talents and magic directly to the walls of KAABOO. I’d say, “make sure you do not miss him”, but honestly, he’s so good he’ll be impossible to ignore. 

Vans the Omega - Creating the perfect blends of geometry, texture, vector, and portrait, Vans the Omega is also going big at KAABOO. Combining his natural flow and emotional sensitivity on such huge scale is the perfect recipe for creating all-consuming visual experiences. Ever wonder what it’s like to see a piece typically reserved for a modern museum scaled so large that it almost invites you to walk right into it? Well, get thyself to Del Mar wonder no more! 

David Young V - Picture yourself walking through the streets of Orwell’s 1984, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, or more modern dystopian world like Paolo Bacigalupi’s Wind Up Girl or Kristen Simmon’s Article 5. Can you see the walls tagged with resistance graffiti - coded messages form the underground calling you to action against the new world order? David Young V’s work combines bold, graphic, dynamic displays of letterforms, numbers, and information graphics with beautifully sensitive depictions of the kinds of characters you might run into across those strife ridden landscapes. Emotional, provocative, purposefully bold and thought provoking, David’s work feels like it was lifted directly from the walls of the resistance headquarters. 

Lauren YS (aka LOLO) - Looking at LOLO’s work is like pulling the pin on a candy-colored pop-art grenade and implanting it directly in your brain. Messy? Sure, but so compelling! With themes that range from superheroes, unicorns, exploding snake bellies, alien bunny rabbits, pin-up girls, and dragons and with a style that feels like something straight out of a Hunter S. Thompson inspired road-trip, you may or may not be ready for Lauren’s realities. But I cannot wait to see what kind of mind-bending altered reality she has in store for the walls

Caratoes - Cara To is a pop-surrealist magician. Based in Hong Kong but working around the world and across media types, Cara creates beautiful mind and space bending environments you’ll happily loose yourself within - even if only for a moment. Bringing together complex themes of femininity, nature, and spirituality combined with themes that feel pulled from parts of traditional Japanese culture, Caratoes weaves gorgeous landscapes that are incredibly captivating. 


From 2015: KAABOO ArtworK kicked off it's Inaugural programming with a stunning line of up Live Painting Muralists: Tatiana Suarez, Kamea Hadar, Dirty Bandits and Pangeaseed Artists - Celeste Beyers and Aaron Glasson. Over the course of three days and nights, the artists beautified 20'x30' canvas murals, working symbiotically alongside world-class music acts, culinary delights and most of all, excited onlookers. Video by Cory Ring (http://instagram.com/cory_ring) for KAABOO (http://instagram.com/kaaboodelmar) and KAABOO ArtworK(http://instagram.com/kaabooartwork) Music by Dan Deacon - "True Trush” http://www.dandeacon.com