Moseley - Fate Happens

Three years ago, a forgotten cellphone, the eternal quest for a solid “2-for-1” bar special, and heaping spoonful of fate conspired to create one of the hardest hitting, unapologetic alt/blues-rock bands in Nashville. 

Photo credit: Kristi Potts

Photo credit: Kristi Potts

Following in the footsteps of acts like Band of Skulls, The White Stripes and The Dead Weather, while channeling influences from the Deftones, AC-DC and Rage Against the Machine, the trio of Suzie Chism, Christy Keech, and Abby Hairston seem to extend a strong middle-finger at Nashville’s traditional country rep. 

But while the guitars might be louder and far more distorted than Nashville is typically used to, the songwriting on their first self-titled EP Moseley does the city proud. 

Let’s face it, Nashville has a reputation for bringing only the best talent to the party. And with an EP (and upcoming album) produced by the industry-acclaimed Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Cage the Elephant, Little Big Town), not only has Moseley shown up at the door with a chest-kicking live set, but with a fifth of whiskey in one hand and pile of brutal honesty in the other. 

When asked about the theme of the EP, Moseley’s lead vocalist and guitarist Suzie explains, “I wrote it about actual events in my life. It wasn’t ever intentional. I was just writing it as sort-of an emotional splurge.” 

While in the studio, Christy was the first to notice this theme around relationships and “delusion” had begun to surface across the tunes. Suzie goes on to explain, "I was just so confused by some things that had happened. Where I’m like, man, did I even live through that? Was that even a relationship? Was that even a thing? …I think everyone’s just kinda been there, where you’re just frustrated, where you’re like, ‘I don’t understand why you’re holding back in this relationship when it’s so easy to just be awesome if you wanna be.' It’s frustrating to kinda feel like you’re being held in limbo- you know, without your consent. I think that’s what most of the album is about.”

Photo credit: Jordan Hampton

Photo credit: Jordan Hampton

Ever since that fateful day at 3 Crow Bar in Nashville when Moseley first sat together and decided to become a band it’s been a whirlwind. In one month they had their first show. In two more, they had their first short tour and had recorded their self-titled EP and have basically never looked back. Playing, touring, writing, practicing, rinse - repeat, and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

Heads up though if you’re lucky enough to catch Moseley live and you happen to be that condescending male who wants to tell any of these ladies how to set up, how to play, or offer any unsolicited “words of advice." 

My suggestion… Shut up, sit down, and take some notes, because you are about to experience one of the hardest hitting acts you’ve ever seen.

And New Yorkers, be sure to check out Moseley at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) on Tuesday, August 16.